You Need An Experienced Court Martial Attorney When Facing A Court Martial In Guam

If you are facing UCMJ charges while stationed in Guam at Joint Region Marianas, you need the guidance of an experienced aggressive military defense lawyer. OCONUS cases are often additionally unfair because of the scrutiny placed on them by higher command and due to the local and international media attention. The risk of unlawful command influence (UCI) is even greater when a service member overseas is suspected of a crime. Commanders have a great deal of media and higher command pressure on them to prosecute in these cases and the rights of the accused service member are often only an afterthought. Only the best aggressive military defense lawyer can even the playing field.

The Risks of a Military Court Martial in Guam

Criminal convictions during your military service can ruin all the awards you have received in your military record so far and end your military career with a punitive or negative discharge. Such a discharge can make it impossible to find employment that is in line with your qualifications even after your military career is over. Even worse, a court-martial conviction without the best possible military defense usually results in significant prison time for you and the loss of financial support for any family you may have. Not only do you lose your freedom but they lose your pay, your BAH and TriCare. To ensure that you mount the best defense when facing a military investigation and court-martial, you need an aggressive, experienced military defense lawyer in Guam.

Unlike many other defense lawyers, pleading guilty is an option of last resort with Freeburg Litigation. When we take a case, we force the military prosecutors to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We take nearly every case to trial and fight the allegations in front of a military panel or judge (depending on which is the best tactic for your individual case). Our court martial outcomes speak for themselves. You and your future is our main concern. Our court martial lawyers will work on your case from day one, always fighting aggressively in court martial and administrative separation cases in the U.S. and worldwide. Call today to consult with an experienced military defense lawyer.

Court-Martial Timeline

Why Call Freeburg Litigation, Aggressive UCMJ Lawyers in Guam?

The experienced military defense lawyers at Freeburg Litigation have earned a reputation for defending service members at military installations worldwide. If you are stationed in Guam and are suspected of a military crime, then having the most hard-hitting criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between getting convicted or winning your case. Our military criminal defense lawyers represent Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen in both UCMJ and administrative matters to include defending service members accused of sexual assault, murder, rape, child rape, fraud, theft and other offenses under the UCMJ, often receiving full acquittals or an acquittal on all of the serious charges with a very light sentence on the remaining charges.

After trying complex commercial cases in federal court in New York City, Nathan Freeburg entered active duty with the U.S. Army where he deployed to Iraq and practiced as a prosecutor, as a Division Chief of Military Justice, as a military defense attorney and then was handpicked to train and advise Army defense lawyers worldwide for the U.S. Army Defense Counsel Assistance Program. During his time on active duty, Nathan tried or consulted on the most well-known cases in military, some with worldwide recognition and developed an expertise in cross-examining alleged sexual assault victims, law enforcement agents and senior military commanders. Having defended service members for allegations in and out of the U.S., this aggressive Guam military defense lawyer has extensive experience handling different kinds of charges including sexual assault, murder, theft, rape, child pornography, Article 31, NJP, separation and discharge proceedings. If you are facing any kind of military legal problem, talk to Nathan Freeburg for experienced advice and the best aggressive military defense.

Contacting the Best Guam Court Martial Lawyer

Service members stationed in Guam deserve the best military defense lawyers to represent them at their court martial or administrative separation proceeding.

If you or a family member are stationed in Guam and are suspected of a military offense such as sex assault or if you are facing an administrative separation, Article 15, show cause board, letter of reprimand or GOMOR, then call our military defense lawyers immediately.

The Anderson Air Force Base Courtroom in Guam

Guam Air Force

How Military Trials Under the UCMJ Began at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam

Andersen Air Force Base Guam is one of the few US military bases that can brag about being located in a living paradise. It is a little over 6 km far from Yigo, in the northern part of Guam. The base was established as North Field and renamed in the memory of James Roy Andersen, who died in 1945. During World War II, The U.S. took over the island from the Japanese and opened North Field in 1944, due to its strategic proximity to Japan. At this point Airmen were first court martialed under the UCMJ in Guam. Andersen Air Force Base Guam played a major role in the upcoming American conflicts due to its position. It was actively involved in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and trials under the UCMJ continued.

The Naval Base Guam Courtroom

Navy Guam

How Military Trials Under the UCMJ Began at Naval Base Guam

Naval Base Guam is no longer an independent military facility, but part of Joint Region Marianas, a larger military installation that also includes Andersen Air Force Base. The merger between the two bases was complete on October, 1st, 2010. It was the result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure commission, which created twelve similar installations. Guam has been under different occupations over the years. The official Liberation Day came on July, 21st, 1944. More than 1,500 American troops died retaking Guam, while the local population also lost about 1,000 lives. Almost 18,000 Japanese died. Some US Navy sailors showed up right away, with a building squadron to prepare the area for a new military base. In the autumn of the same year, Naval Base Guam was established as a naval operating base and trials under the UCMJ began that year. At that time, it was the largest facility in the Pacific area. The Seabees joined the site too, in an attempt to clear the place and make it livable. Over the years, Naval Base Guam played a major role during the Korean War and the Vietnam War too. These days, the base is one of the major facilities run by the United States of America abroad. It hosts more than 6,000 Sailors, almost 7,000 civilian families and even more retirees and Sailors are regularly tried here under the UCMJ.